Sunday, June 17, 2012

MY MY MY, what LONG Lashes you have!

Well, the better to bat at you, my dear. So here's the deal. Lately I've been getting a lot of compliments on my lashes. Do I have long lashes? Negative. Am I take supplements? Another negative. Do I have a secret? Absolutely. Am I going to share it? Yes, but only because you've been on your best behavior! I will preface this story by saying I've never been particularly "into" my lashes. I never worried about how long or thick they looked...some mornings you're lucky if I even get on mascara before I get out the door, but I digress.... Here's the thing: A ton of my girlfriends like to use false lashes when going to events such as weddings and cocktails parties. Me, being judgey Mcjudger, assumed only the cast of Jersey Shore wore false eyelashes. NOPE. A lot of people do & they don't look batshit crazy when they do......Mind. Blown...... I must now wear false lashes too! So out to my local Walgreens I go (I know what you're thinking. I prefer CVS too, but there isn't one close by) I prance into the makeup section and come upon a wall of false lashes. VERY intimidating. So after a casual 15 minutes standing at the back wall of lashes, I pick up a pack & I scoff to myself, how hard could this be?! Well-the answer to that is very hard. So hard that 2 minutes before having to leave for a wedding a decided to RIP (yah, girls, I said RIP) the false, already-glued-on lashes off. I needed a quick fix, bc now the boy was no longer entertained and was getting impatient. How was I going to have party-girl lashes w/o actually having false lashes? CUE my secret. Christian Dior, "Diorshow" and Maybelline, "Illegal Length" and a little beaut I like to call Shu Uemera. I know no one's dropping their jaws at the Shu Uemera, eyelash curler. It's the best, we all know it. BUT I think I'm on to something with this mascara stuff. I will apply first Diorshow. It has a very thick brush that puts a VERY nice coating of mascara on your eyes. Then, after putting one or two coats of DS on, I then take Illegal Length and stretch out my lashes. It takes my thick coating of mascara and just elongates it. It's like magic and voila! You have these beautiful, thick, LONG lashes. Easy peasy, right? I'm telling you, girls, if it's not quick and effortless, chances are it's not happening for me! Does anyone have any mascara tricks they'd like to share? I'd love to hear! xx Cesca

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Being bad and Bobbi Brown

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to.... It's true. I've been a bad, bad blogger...but in my defense, I bought a house and got engaged and am now planning a wedding. Ya dig? Life has been a little hectic to say the least, but I knew you would understand. Mainly because you know I've been buying up half of Philadelphia testing a whole bunch of products...some I love. Some I don't love. BUT you can betchyour bottom dollar I'm going to tell you about it. So let's get back on that bicycle and do the damn thang! Okay. So I mentioned I'm planning a wedding, which means I am getting married and am in love, but my cheating heart has been making googly eyes at Bobbi Brown cosmetics lately. When I say making googly eyes, I really just mean spending lots of unnecessary money, but let's level with each other, can we? Bobbi Brown, GETS IT. I mean, homegirl like really understands women...I credit it to her being a woman herself, but that's neither here nor there. It all started with my introduction to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. From talking with all of my girlfriends, it seems I was extremely late to that party as EVERYONE I know wears it...just NO ONE talks about it. It's like a secret society if you will, but I am here to blow up spots. This stuff is BA (as in BAD ASS) It gives the PERFECT hint of "shimmer" if you will. I really love a fresh, "glowy" face & this accomplishes it. Sometimes I layer it over my bronzer to give a little sass to my face OR some days I wear it AS my bronzer, which I think is what you're supposed to do...but I like to live on the edge. Really-this stuff is worth every penny & it lasts forever. BONUS. Next, I went to Blue Mercury's "christmas party" which was comparable to nirvana (heaven, not the band) and came across their gel eyeliner. Now- I'm going to be honest with you. I like makeup. I love products. I seldom know what I'm doing with them - but, MINOR DETAILS - I am not the eyeliner extraordinaire I'd like to paint myself as. GIRLS- this gel eyeliner (along with eyeliner brush, which is a MUST) practically puts itself on your face. Really, it's fool proof. This is coming from me. So trust me. Due to my fair complexion and light hair and eyes, I actually didn't go with the black, and picked the "caviar" color. The contrast is not as harsh for me, so I can wear it to work without looking like I've just stumbled in from the after-hours club. Speaking of after-hour clubs, that brings me to my next point. This eyeliner will stay on FOREVER. I mean it, FOREVER. As in, all day. You get the point, right? And here's the around 6 or 7pm after I've gotten done sweating my brains off at spinning, it hasn't even smudged or is running down my face. I'm telling you, thats BB (as I will affectionately call her from here on out) knows what she's doing! So this leads me to my latest purchase. The circles under my eyes are just not cutting it for me anymore. Call me crazy, but the I-look-like-I'm-workin-on-2-hrs-of-sleep look just isn't cute. So NATCH, I go to the BB counter at our local department store and this fabulous man tells me not to worry, the circles under my eyes ARE NOT in fact that bad (bless you) it's just "droopiness" I am suffering from (kill yourself). So my man fixes me up with some concealer AND their hydrating eye cream. I was skeptical at first, but shame on me for doubting BB. The concealer is amazing. It really just brightens up my entire face. (I tried to post pics, but blogger is being a Diva today.) I will say, I don't feel like the concealer really lasts though. If I do my makeup in the morning and want to have some bevies later in the evening, I must refresh. C'est la vie! The hydrating cream is also working very well. You hardly even need a dab on your finger and it covers so much skin. I have been applying twice a day, in the morning before I put on my concealer and at night before bed. Has it helped with my "droopiness," a liiiiiitttle bit, but it's definitely helped with my "laugh lines" around my eyes which in your late 20's start to creep up like the plague. Best to nip those bastards in the bud while I still can! Moral of this story? BB is the bomb. That's right. The Bomb. It's so good, I felt the need to kick it old school for you ladies. My next purchase that I've been flirting shamelessly with? The Hydrating Foundation...Stay tuned!! Any Bobbi Brown products you guys are fans of? xxCesca